Elisabeth og bestemor

«Rafting». Taste the word. Often perceived as an extreme activity and connected to words like adrenaline kick, roaring white water and involuntary swimming. Not all wrong. Rafting can be like that. However, not always.

On the Otta river you can participate in family rafting. Yes, you are reading correctly. You may join a rafting trip designed to suit the whole family, from the youngest to the oldest.

SECURITY FIRST. Security will always be our priority No. 1 – also during family rafting. All participants are equipped with wet suit, helmet, rafting boots and life jacket before going in. Everyone also has to join a thorough walkthrough of paddle techniques and rescue routines before the rafts enter the river.

TOUGHER AND TOUGHER. From the river banks curious calves are watching as the rafts drift downstream, at first at a very comfortable, almost lazy pace in calm waters before you experience some controlled waves and faster water towards the end of the ride. There are also possibilities of swimming the emerald green river secured by a line or try jumping into the river from cliffs of various heights.