A world of nature based activities, excitement and a whole lot of pure fun. Rafting, canyoning, bridge swinging, rappelling, fishing and swimming.


Choose between cabins, lavvo and camping. You also have access to a common basic kitchen and sanitary facilities with WC and showers.


Our most popular packages are company trips, school trips and bachelor parties.We also offer weekend packages filled with activities for everyone.

How it all started

Autumn 1983 Grethe Høstaker and Kjell Fladen went bear hunting in Canada. There they discovered how small, efficient boats were used on the river, and experienced rafting for the first time.

Being wilderness enthusiasts, they brought the idea to Norway and established Norwegian Wildlife and Rafting AS in 1984. NRW focused on outdoor nature experiences such as rafting, canyoning and similar wilderness activities, and was the first of its kind in Norway and Scandinavia.

In the search of suitable rivers, the first rafting was done in Hallingdal river, and then in the river Sjoa in 1984. NRW was initially located at Randsverk, at the entrance of Murudalen by the river Sjoa. Today, we're located at Varphaugen Gård, between Sjoa and Otta.

The first guides were brought to Norway from the US. They were experienced and highly respected all over the world. New and modern equipment was aquired. To develop the necessary competence and safety systems, NWR in 1989 started Norway’s first rafting school as an offer to those wanting to become rafting guides with NWR, and experienced guides from the US and Norway were hired as instructors.

Here you can read more about safety, instructors and equipment we use.

In the beginning, rafting was regarded an extreme sport, a small niche for the very few. Thanks to our focus on professionalism and safety precautions, we've contributed to make it a sport well suited for everyone.

Today we attract and provide great experiences to a wide range of participants - schools, tourists, companies and organizations.
Throughout the years we've had the pleasure of hosting and sharing a fantastic nature experiences with thousands of outdoor enthusiasts, including royalty, world class athletes and other celebrities.

Today, rafting is regarded an activity for everyone, and during the season we daily bring many guests down the rivers Sjoa, Otta and Lågen, creating excitement and great experiences for all ages and levels of expertise.

We offer rafting experiences to all levels: Extreme rafting at the upper part of Sjoa, and less extreme trips that are family friendly, and suitable for participants from age 6 to 80.

Welcome to Sjoa Rafting Center, and enjoy an experience you won't forget any time soon!

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