Bridge swinging is a great activity to top off a day of river rafting.

Bridge swinging is an adrenaline driving experience where we jump off high suspension bridges secured by climbing ropes and gear. The rope is fixed at the middle of the bridge, while the jumper walks towards the end of the bridge pulling the rope tight before jumping off. The rush diving off the bridge towards the water below is mindblowing. Do you dare to take the plunge?

NOK 220,- per person. Minimum 5 participants.

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Equipment and safety

Part of what makes a great experience is attention to equipment and safety. At Sjoa Rafting Center safety is always first priority. You will always be equipped with all necessary gear as part of the package.

For bridge-swinging you will be wearing a helmet and life jacket. In addition we also supply climbing gear - all included in our rates.

For more, please see our page on general information about Equipment and Safety.

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