Canyoning is a different nature experience where you hike along rugged mountains, waterfalls and deep silent natural water reservoirs, the highlights being jumping down narrow canyons.

The bewitching canyons along the river of Sjoa offers new and mindblowing challenges in wild surroundings. Most people experience breaking some of their own barriers during canyoning.

A canyoning trips includes several “water slides”, slides where you end up in water, swimming in natural water bowls, visits behind waterfalls and jumping off cliffs up to 15m high.

We can choose from several canyons in the area; the most popular ones called Veo and Tesse.

Day trip Canyoning

Duration kl. 10:00 - 15:00*
Age limit 15 years
Warm lunch Included

*PS: Time may vary during off-season.

Canyoning is often booked as part of a package including several activities at Sjoa Rafting Center.
A combination with rafting as part of a 2-day stay is highly recommended.
There must be at least 6 participants in total to set up a group. We put together participants from different groups.

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Equipment and safety

Part of what makes a great experience is attention to equipment and safety. At Sjoa Rafting Center safety is always first priority. You will always be equipped with all necessary gear as part of the package.

For canyoning you will be wearing a helmet, life jacket, 5 mm neoprene wet suit and shoes. In addition we also supply gloves and climbing gear. Equipment is included in our rates.

On cold days we recommend wearing your own wool or “super” undergarments under the wet suit.

For more, please see our page on general information about Equipment and Safety.

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