Part of a great experience is attention to equipment and safety. At Sjoa Rafting Center, safety is always first priority, AND you will always be equipped with THE necessary gear.

We commit to the same strict safety routines that all rafting centres and guides working the river Sjoa.
During our 30 years we never experiences any serious accidents.

Security is, and will always be our no. 1 priority, and all of our activities are designed to make our guests feel safe with us. 


Having been through our training on land or in quiet backwaters you will be well prepared in security, understanding the conditions and mastering the equipment. Everybody in a normal physical condition will be capable of mastering the challenges ahead.


Every single trip down river Sjoa takes place with a certified instructor in charge.
Our rafting guides are all certified according to standards set by the International Rafting Association (IRF) and have broad experience from Sjoa as well as internationally. To obtain certification you have to go through a rigorous training and testing.

On rafting trips there will always be a minimum of 2 rafts going together.
Every boat has its own professional, internationally certified, rafting guide responsible for his raft.
In addition there will always be other guides joining every ride, as leaders in separate rafts, as security crew or in a security boat.

Water levels

The water levels of the river Sjoa will always be considered up-front.
The water levels of the river are measured prior to every ride. Our own observation post registers water levels continuously, and the rides are planned considering these observations.
Rules connected to water levels are approved of and always followed by all the professional rafting operators working the river.
We use different stretches for different water levels. Should the levels of the Sjoa be considered too high, we choose another river like the Otta River. This is a broad, quiet river, much used for family rafting, hence it can be a good alternative for a nice and more quiet ride.


At Sjoa Rafting Center all necessary security equipment for a great experience is included in our rates. As a minimum we provide a helmet, life jacket, 5mm neoprene wet suit and shoes or rafting boots.
In addition we provide specific gear according to activity - such as flippers, special made river boards, climbing gear etc.

All our equipment and our routines are controlled and approved by the Norwegian Directorate for Civil Protection.
All equipment used is tested and certified according to CE-standards (European Standard) or US Coast Guard Standard. This also includes helmets and life jackets.

We emphasize the importance of using the right equipment and choosing professional operators when rafting.
This helps you avoid incidents and enables you to enjoy any activity without having to fear for your own or your friends’ security.


We always recommend bringing and wearing proper clothing according to weather.
On cold days we recommend wearing your own wool or “super” undergarments under a wet suit.
For your own convenience, also please see our Packing list.

First aid

Guides always bring first aid equipment, rescue equipment and communication equipment.
All instructors possess competence on security, rescue and first aid.


Sjoa Rafting Center has a liability insurance covering accidents and damage that we as operator are responsible for. The insurance covers such liabilities up to NOK 10.000.000,-.

Most insurance companies offer travel insurance covering our activities. As a participant you should check your travel insurance.
If requested we can offer insurance through Gjensidige Otta. To be able to obtain insurance for participants we will require full name and birth number of participants. 

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