How about your own catch of the day, grilled on an open fire?
Fishing in Norway is a great nature experience, and convenient from our outback camp situated along the river Lågen.

  • We have a variety of good fishing spots along our private stretch of beach and to the north and south of the river bank.
  • Good possibilities of catching trout as well as grayling.
  • You can buy a fishing license here.

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Our camp is the perfect starting point for fishing trips along the river Lågen or the river Sjoa.
If you desire to go hiking the mountains bringing along a fishing rod, we can also assist you in getting the necessary permits as fishing in Norway is regulated to avoid excessive fishing.

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How about a refreshing dip in the clear green water of “Hawaii beach”, a marvelous white sandy beach just a few steps from our outback camp? Step out of your everyday life and experience undisturbed silence while watching the trout snap for food while evening falls.

Equipment and safety

Part of what makes a great experience is attention to equipment and safety. At Sjoa Rafting Center safety is always first priority. You will always be equipped with all necessary gear as part of the package.

While no activity-specific safety requirements for fishing, we do however endorse caution, wearing proper clothing according to weather and respect the forces of nature.

For more, please see our page on general information about Equipment and Safety.

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