Experience river rafting at its very best! The river Sjoa is one of the best the world. It offers a lot of variation and is suited for almost everyone - from novice to expert.

Since 1984 our experienced guides have been taking guests from all over the world safely down the rapids of the river Sjoa. For 35 years we have been at the forefront of the development of rafting as a sport in Norway, making us one of the most experienced and reliable operators in the country.

Our rafting trips

Choose the trip that suits you the best - a calm family friendly experience or an adrenaline rush along the wild river rapids.

Rafting day-trip Sjoa

Our most popular stretch. Varied, with calm parts as well as white water rapids and narrow canyons.
PS: Schedule may vary outside the season.

Duration 5 h (10:00 - 15:00)
Price mid-week
Price weekend
Grade  2-3/5
Age limit 15 years
Warm lunch included

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Rafting short trip Sjoa

A shorter alternative to the day-trip on Sjoa and still including the best rapids.
PS: Schedule may vary outside the season.

Duration 3 h (15:00-18:00)
Price mid-week
Pris weekend
Grade  2-3/5
Age limit 15 years

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Day-trip extreme Sjoa/Åseng

A hefty experience, known for its long tough rapids and narrow canyons.
The extreme-trip is popular as a day 2 experience.

Duration 4-5 h
Grade 3-4/5
Age limit 18 years
Warm lunch included

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The real Sjoa Rafting experience

Unforgettable memories!

We look forward to giving you the greatest experience, no matter if you're new or a seasoned expert - our trips offer something for everyone. So let's go rafting in Sjoa - one of the worlds best rivers!

If you prefer a more calm experience, we can safely recommend a more family friendly alternative - still a very fun and challenging experience, but more suitable to children of all ages.

Equipment and safety

Part of what makes a great experience is attention to equipment and safety. At Sjoa Rafting Center safety is always first priority. You will always be equipped with all necessary gear as part of the package.

To go rafting you will be wearing a helmet, life jacket, 5 mm neoprene wet suit and rafting boots. All equipment is included in our rates.

On cold days we recommend wearing your own wool or “super” undergarments under the wet suit.

For more, please see our page on general information about Equipment and Safety.

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