How about a refreshing dip in the clear, green water at the “Hawaii-beach”, a magnificent white sandy beach, just a few steps away from our Outback Camp?

Here you may shut the world out and experience undisturbed beauty and silence on one of Norway’s most splendid beaches while watching the trout snap for food in the evening.

Equipment and safety

Part of what makes a great experience is attention to equipment and safety. At Sjoa Rafting Center safety is always first priority. You will always be equipped with all necessary gear as part of the package.

Swimming in Gudbrandsdalslågen is not an organized activity, done whenever you please, at your own risk, and at no cost. There is a nice sandy beach area near calm waters. We do however strongly recommend staying in company of others, and never leave children unattended.

For more, please see our page on general information about Equipment and Safety.

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